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Bicester town centre Community Priorities - March 2024 update.

Sent on behalf of Sergeant Gavin Staniland, Bicester and Kidlington Neighbourhood Policing Team.


Back in January of this year, the Bicester Neighbourhood Police Team carried out a public consultation with local residents to identify the issues of most concern to them in Bicester town centre. Since then, we have been busy focusing on the top three priorities set by the community.

Below is a snapshot of our activity and we would like to continue to focus on these priorities over the next 3 months to maximise the positive effect we can have on these issues.

1. Bicester Town Centre - Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

Since the priority being set in January, the team have been conducting dedicated ASB patrols, in addition to our night time economy and routine patrols in Bicester town centre. During these patrols, we have been enforcing the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) within the town centre.

In that time:
✅ 19 PSPO warnings/directions to leave the town centre have been issued.
✅ 1 Breach of PSPO fixed penalty issued.

Further ASB patrols and operations are planned throughout the year to focus on this priority.

2. E-Scooters usage.

Since the priority being set in January, the team have been engaging with e-scooter users during our patrols, to educate and enforce. 

✅ During these patrols we have issued 10 e-scooter warnings, the majority within the Public Space Protection Order area.

We have sought to educate the users in the first instance. However, should they be stopped again they risk not only having the e-Scooter being seized. but also being dealt with for offences such as:
- Drive/Ride a vehicle on a footway (£50 non- endorsable fine).
- No Insurance (£300 fine/6 penalty points).
- Drive otherwise in accordance with a licence (£100 fine/3 penalty points).
- Using a mobile while driving (£200 fine/6 penalty points).
- Fail to comply with a red traffic light (£100 fine /3 penalty points)
- Drink/ drug drive legislation still applies.

✅ All police officers within the Neighbourhood team have undertaken training to be able to seize e-scooters, utilising powers under Section 165 of the Road Traffic Act.

Further e-Scooter operations are planned throughout the year to focus on this priority.

3. Drugs

Since the priority being set in January, the Neighbourhood team have conducted the following activity:
✅ 4 arrests made for drug supply offences.
✅ 5 people have been dealt with for drugs possession. 

✅ There is currently 1 active partial house closure order that has been obtained through the court to target drugs misuse and to protect residents and the community from associated anti-social behaviour.

✅ 4 arrests have been made for Breach of the closure order.
✅ The team continue to conduct regular checks of this property to enforce the order.

Further drugs operations have been planned by the team throughout the year to focus on this priority.

We would like to invite the community to comment on if you feel we are making improvements on those priorities and also our visibility. We would also like to hear your thoughts on what priorities you would like to see on the next Have Your Say Consultation in June. 

A short survey can be accessed either via the attached QR code or at this link https://tinyurl.com/mssc5nyc. We would really like to hear from as many members of the community as possible, so please feel free to share this message on your social media feeds or send it to your friends and family.


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