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Rural Neighbourhood team update

👮‍♀️The rural neighbourhood teams have been busy over the last week, with patrols focusing on areas more susceptible to rural crime, as well as High Streets in Princes Risborough and Marlow.

🚓We stopped and arrested a suspected drug driver and issued a community resolution after someone was found with cannabis near Princes Risborough.

🛍We’ve also spoken with shop staff in the local communities about the shoplifting they have been experiencing and how we can work together to prevent this. 

🏠We have also been doing some work with local residents to share crime prevention advice following a series of burglaries we have seen in the areas. From our reports, a few burglaries have taken place while the resident(s) have been away for a longer period of time. Burglars will take advantage of any opportunities they spot, such as a house in darkness with no cars on the drive, or if they spot that the house is the only one on the street with the bins still out. These factors communicate that no one is home. 

⭐While our Detective teams continue endeavouring to identify those responsible, we would recommend certain preventative measures such as a timer switch. A timer switch can be timed to turn a light on in your house when it becomes dark outside, making it an effective way to make your house look occupied if you are away and can't turn a light on yourself. 

👫If you do plan to go away, you can also try to speak with a neighbour and ask them to park on your drive or return your bins so your home doesn’t look unoccupied.

❗Timer switches are available from the Neighbourhood watch association. If you are in Princes Risborough please contact valpranddnhwatch@aol.com for more information on this. For all other areas such as Marlow and Hazelmere, please contact: office@wdnhwatch.plus.com who will be happy to assist with the same. 


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