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Cold Calling Traders

Good Morning, 


Over the past couple of days we have had reports of people knocking on doors asking if they needed work such as trees cutting, drives jet washed, gutters clearing or scrap collecting. There have been some unfortunate cases where verbal agreements have been made and when it comes time to pay there has been a large increase in the cost or once money has been handed over there has been some disagreement over how much has been handed over. 


There are cases where people are being targeted due to being vulnerable or being seen as an easy target leading to repeat visits and ongoing issues. Please be vigilant and help check on your neighbours if you see someone in this situation and if in doubt contact the police either via 101 or 999 if an emergency. 


We would always advise that if someone knocks your door asking if you need work done to not agree to anything there and there, advise you will think about it and speak to someone you trust whether it be family, friend or neighbour. There is no obligation to agree to something on the spot and it is always better to ensure they are a trustworthy company before agreeing. 


Please remember to stay safe, never agree on the spot, ask someone to help check the company and if you feel threatened call 999.


Thank you. 

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Nick Morley
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