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Protect Your work Tools

There has been a spike in tool theft in the Thames Valley area, including south Buckinghamshire, specifically targeting the property of tradesmen by breaking into vans. If this does not apply to you, please share this with people you know who may be at risk of this crime. 

This crime can be particularly harmful as it can have severe effects on businesses and livelihoods, due to loss of time, loss of revenue and expenses to replace tools. 

Thieves are usually opportunists above all else and will take advantages of easy steals, so it is crucial it is not made convenient for them.   

Always remember for prevention purposes: 

  • Lock your tools in a secure van, aim to vault bolt the tools to the floor of the van.  
  • Remove your tools from your van at night and store them in a safe place. 
  • Always lock your van and close your windows, we would strongly advise investing in a good quality alarm. If you do have an alarm, make sure it is always set and in working order. 
  • Mark and register your tools: you can use ultraviolent pens and permanent marker. Security solution companies like Smartwater, SelectaDNA and datatag are very effective in helping you protect your property. Please follow the links below to view these options: 
  • Home - SmartWater Shop
  • SelectaDNA Forensic Coding | SelectaDNA
  • Datatag ID

  • Remember to record your serial numbers and identifiable markings on your tools. 
  • Register your tools - "Immbolise" is the national property register, this is integrated into the police system. You can view this here: The National Property Register, for Phones, Gadgets, Bicycles & More... (immobilise.com)

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